Dairy Hygiene Farm Supplies by Milkflo Dairy Systems

Milkflo Dairy Systems can supply a full range of Dairy Hygiene Chemicals and Sundries direct to your farm. Our sales van will visit on a regular basis and keep you supplied with everything you need to keep your parlour running smoothly.
For more details please call the office on 08450 944815 or speak to Jon Leah on the sales van direct on 07715 020855.

Janner Van Snip

Product Range:

Full Range of Boumatic and Progiene Dairy Hygiene Chemicals
Rubber and Silicone Tube and Fittings
Milking Liners
Milk Filters
Animal Husbandry
Dairy Spares Distributor
Teatspray Equipment including Ambic and Cotswold
Fly Control
Vacuum Pump Oils
Wash Down Equipment