Our Dairy Services

Milkflo Dairy Systems are main Dealers for both Boumatic and Milfos, and have a team of engineers able to service the South West region.  With our collective experience at Milkflo Dairy Systems Ltd we are capable of servicing any type of milking installation including Westfalia, Fullwood and many more!


Our services include the following:

Milkflo Dairy Systems provide the following dairy service and parlour installation services:


24 Hour Breakdown Service24hour-feating

Dairy Parlour Supply & Installationparlour-feating

Dairy Feeding Systemsfeeding-feating

Electrical Installation & Testingelectrical-feating

Bespoke Cubicle Lighting Systemslighting-feating

Automatic Scraper Systems and Energy Saving Equipmentscraper-feating

BouMatic™ Robotic Milkingrobotics-feating

Dairy Hygiene Farm SuppliesJanner Van Snip