BouMatic™ Robotic Milking By Milkflo Dairy Systems

As a UK BouMatic dealership Milkflo Dairy Systems is proud to introduce the future of dairy farming … BouMatic™ Robotic Milking!

milkflo-robotic-milking-img1So what is Robotic Milking?

The BouMatic Robotic Milking system is a revolutionary milking robot which takes a completely different approach to automated milking. From behind. The new robot milking method. Years of experience in milking technology have been brought together in one compact, durable and reliable system which is easy to operate:

  • MR-S1   One unit for one cow. The single box.
  • MR-D1  One unit for two cows. The double box.

The new robot milking method: from behind

BouMatic Robotics is the only market player to introduce the new robot milking method: an advanced, patented system whereby the cow is milked through its hind legs. This is a completely new approach to automated milking. This has immediate advantages in terms of cow movement, animal welfare and protection of the robot system.


Accurate milking process

The cow defines its own rhythm. The identification system recognizes the cow, decides if it is time for milking and how much concentrated feed it can have. The robot arm approaches the udder between the cow’s hind legs. Using the latest camera technology the teat position is defined and the teat cups are attached.

The robot arm completes the milking process from within the enclosed technical area. From washing and pre-milking with the special teat preparation cup (the teats are individually cleaned and pre-milked) to the actual milking as well as after-treatment of the teats.

Robotic Milking Aftercare from Milkflo Dairy Systems

With engineers covering Devon and Cornwall and much of the South west, Milkflo Dairy Systems are ideally placed to service all of your Robotic Milking needs.

For more information on the BouMatic Robotic Milking range please call us on 08450 944815

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Milkflo Dairy Systems are on call for emergency work 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, and you can be assured we will give you 100% attention even to the most minute details.

We are able to carry out most jobs connected with the dairy industry, from minor breakdowns, through plumbing, electrical, servicing, certified maintenance, parlour testing to BS ISO 6690 and updates to existing parlours and systems. We can also supply and fit a range of New BouMatic parlours and an extensive range of second-hand and refurbished systems.

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